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Kevin Lawton: Seminar on Crowdfunding

Event Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: LKSC 120 (Open to public)

Funding for the event is generously provided by the SoMCC and the CDC

Kevin Lawton is a prolific blog contributor. He contributes to SeekingAlpha, VentureBeat, the Huffington Post. He is a trend-caster and visionary blogger at the intersection of business and technology.  Kevin is the author of "The Crowdfunding Revolution", a book with a deep and broad look at the rationale and rise of crowdfunding, the broad landscape and a very visionary look into its future.

Kevin has been involved in the virtualization hi-tech industry and open source development for more than 15 years. Since 1995, he was the CEO of Bochs Software company, an x86 PC software emulation company, acquired by MandrakeSoft. He was the software lead of the Plex86 open source project, an hypervisor/virtualization project. As such, he participated at the birth of the PC virtualization, now a multibillion dollar cloud-related industry.  Kevin has a deep understanding of open source development involving hundreds of developers around the world.

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and he held positions as a lead architect in several start-ups specialized in virtualization including Montalvo systems, Sawgrass Systems, DeviceVM. He is the author of several patents and a prolific idea creator. He is a technology consultant and is involved in the design and shaping of start-ups from conceptualization to business development.  He has an in depth knowledge in the economics and the business development of early stage startups.

Kevin has kindly agreed to share his valuable time and insights on the upcoming revolution of crowdfunding. He will  give us a broad look at the origin and the future of crowdfunding.

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