Previous Events

Evening Seminar Series

11/13/2018 - "Transitioning into management roles in industry."

12/11/2017 - "Ignite Session."

12/11/2017 - "My journey from academic research to industrial biotechnology. Smita Shankar, Principal Scientist. Impossible Foods."

11/28/2017 - "Chat with Daphne Koller". Daphne Koller, CCO, Calico Labs."

11/07/2017 - "Genetic Screening for Preventative Women's Health. A panel discussin with Counsyl. E. Evans, J. Wooton, G. Haliburton, K. Haas."

10/25/2017 - "A panel discussion with AIMS alumni."

08/28/2017 - "Don't breathe your own exhaust: Badreddin Edris, PhD, Vice President, OrbiMed."

08/16/2017 - "Current Trends in Immuno-oncology: A panel discussion. W. Quinn, S. Akkaraju, T. Theriault, K. Trisler."

06/07/2017 - Todd Meyerrose, Ph.D., VP, P4G Capital - "Converging trends in healthcare: cross-sector skills for a changing marketplace"[[PDF]]

05/10/2017 - Serra Elliot, Ph.D., President of BCBA - "Consulting in Biotech Industry"

04/13/2017 - Kelly S. Wachs (Attorney) and Alison Dunleavy, J.D. - "Immigration prospects in transition from academia to industry - changing times, changing perspectives" [[Video]]

03/20/2017 - Robin Thurston, CEO of Helix - "Personal Genomics: Opportunities and Challenges"

03/03/2017 - Ignite information session at the School of Medicine"

11/30/2016 - Joyce Chan, Amgen - "Invention and Re-invention: A practical conversation on career path choices"

11/16/2016 - Harshal Chokhawala, ZymoChem, Inc - "From lab bench to industry: Re-imagining microbes for brewing chemicals"

10/25/2016 - Beth Hill, Johnson & Johnson California Innovation Center - "Biotech Lessons Learned: my journey after Stanford"

10/06/2016 - Anna Christensen, Magnetic Insight, Inc - "An entrepreneur's storyof navigating a path from academia to industry"

06/27/2016 - H. Chuck Zhang, Ashley Gulledge, Lawrence Beck - "How to become a Medical Science Liaison"

04/25/2016 - Hesaam Esfandyarpour, PhD (CEO, President and Chairman at GenapSys Inc.)- "The Era of Precision Molecular Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges"

03/22/2016 - Aaron Hammack, PhD (Chief Operations Officer, Cofounder, and Director of EpiBiome)- "Precision microbiome engineering: From engineering to bioinformatics"

02/16/2016 - Robson Capasso, MD (Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, School of Medicine, Stanford University)- "Healthcare Innovation: Interests and Opportunities"

12/01/2015 - Monica Martinez-Canales, PhD (Principal Engineer, Datacenter Group, Intel Corporation) - "The impact of technology on "omics" and the future of bioinformatics"

9/23/2015 - Janis Naeve, PhD (Managing Director, Amgen Ventures) - "Venture Capital: Life Beyond Academia"

9/10/2015 - Abby Tabor (Science Journalist at MyScienceWork) and Tiago Faial, PhD (Associate Editor at Nature Publishing Group) - "Transitioning from the bench towards scientific writing"

8/26/2015 - Adam Bemis (Global Applications Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories) - "Transitioning academia to industry, insights from Bio-Rad employees"

8/5/2015 - Leslie Cruz, PhD (Regulatory Affairs Associate, Alexza Pharmaceuticals) - "Regulatory Affairs" An Alternative Promising Career Path for Life Science Researchers"

7/23/2015 - Erica Taylor, PhD (Senior Product Manager Genentech) - "How to Pivot from Research to Management in Biotech?"

6/24/2015 - Linda Narhi, PhD (Scientific Executive Director at Amgen) - "Innovation in the Process Development Organization at Amgen"

6/11/2015 - Privahini Bradoo, PhD, MBA (CEO and Co-Founder at BlueOak) - "Meet the Pro!"

5/27/2015 - Thorsten Melcher, PhD (Senior Director, New Ventures at Johnson & Johnson Innovation) - "So you want to be an entrepreneur?"

4/22/2015 - AIMS Panel 2: From Academia to Entrepreneurship

3/30/2015 - Omri Amirav-Drory (Founder & CEO at Genome Compiler Corp) - "How a former AIMS postdoc rais $5M to make genetic engineering easy"

2/23/2015 - AIMS Panel 1: From Academia to Industry

12/3/2014 - Manan Mehta & Nitin Prachisia (General partners at Unshackled) - "Unshackled - An angel fund designed for teams with immigrant founders"

10/31/2014 - Joshua Robinson, PhD (Director of R&D at Nirmidas Biotech Inc.) - "Spinning out a startup from Stanford: the first 100 days"

10/21/2014 - Leon Chen, PhD, MBA (Venture Partner at OrbiMed, Co-founder of KAI Pharmaceuticals) - "Career Decisions with Imperfect Information"

9/24/2014 - Rashmi Menon, Product and Strategy Consultant - "Why should I start a business?"

8/4/2014 - Lloyd Minor, MD, PhD (Dean of the Stanford School of Medicine) - "Three Cs of Innovation: Combination, Collaboration and Chance"

7/21/2014 - Daria Mochly-Rosen, PhD (Founder and Co-director of SPARK. Founder of KAI and ALDEA Pharmaceuticals) - "From lab to pharma: a SPARKly journey"

6/18/2014 - Ximena Ares, PhD (Licensing Associate, Stanford Office of Technology Licensing) - "Life of a Stanford Invention"

5/7/2014 - Ethan Perlstein, PhD (Founder & CEO, Perlstein Lab)
"Rise of the Indie Scientist"

4/16/2014 - Eddy Lee, PhD (Principal at Fenox VC)
"Tomorrow's Wearables & The VC Word Day"

2/27/2014 - Mickey Kertesz, PhD (Co-founder & CEO, Moleculo)
"Hacking Biotech Innovation"

1/21/2014 - Amish Parashar (Director of Innovation, Triple Ring Technologies)
"University Ventures: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2014"

10/9/2013 - Jia Li, PhD (Marketing Director at TransAmerica)
"Entrepreneur Finance - Business & Personal"

8/28/2013 - Farzad Naimi (Founder and Managing Partner at Naimi Group, Co-founder and Managing Partner at RONAholdings LLC). "The Spirit of Entrepreneurship"

8/6/2013 - Delegation from the Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group

8/1/2013 - Ajit Singh, PhD (Artiman Ventures)
"Entrepreneurship and Disruptive Innovation"

7/20/2013 - "Non-Hackaton Event"

6/13/2013 - Peter Vander Horn, PhD (Senior Director of R&D at Life Technologies). "I wish they told me when I was a Post-Doc..."

5/28/2013 - Faz K. Bashi, MD (Life Science Angels)
"Life Science Entrepreneurship: ARE YOU A POSSIBLETARIAN?"

5/8/2013 - Abhas Gupta, MD (Partner - Mohr Davidow Ventures)
"The Lean Career: Building, Testing, and Learning Through Life"

4/25/2013 - Jorge L Garcia (Chief Scientific Officer of ISIS Services)
"Beyond the Medical Device: Bridging the Gap to Market"

3/27/2013 - JC Simbana (Director at Silicon Valley Bank)
"The Innovation Ecosystem in Silicon Valley"

2/27/2013 - Postdoc Panel
Entrepreneur Postdoc Panel And Networking Event

1/30/2013 - Dr. Mostafa Ronaghi (Senior VP & CTO at Illumina)
Bridging the gap between science, innovation and market

11/7/2012 - Vinod Khosla (Founder, Khosla Ventures and Sun Microsystems)

9/20/2012 - Richard Ellson
"Adventure of starting a company with liquid handling techology"

8/16/2012 - Diego Rey & Jason Springs
"Two Sides of a Coin: A conversation with Diego Rey & Jason Springs"

7/18/2012 - Betty Kayton
"Getting your start-up off the ground: Views from a start-up CFO"

6/12/2012 - "AIMS E-Challenge 2012 Finale"

5/22/2012 - "AIMS E-Challenge 2012"

5/3/2012 - Aarif Khakoo (Executive Director - Amgen, Inc)
"Physician-Scientist-Industry leader: The Bridge between Medicine and Science"

4/19/2012 - Ollie Benn (CEO of Firefly Health Innovations)
"Making the Transition: Day Job to Biomed Start-up"

2/27/2012 - Jon Gillespie-Brown and Mary Etta Eaton
"Are YOU an Entrepreneur?" A Two-Part Workshop

2/23/2012 - Mark Bregman
"From Exploration to Invention to Innovation: A journey from science to industry"

11/30/2011 - Greg Papadopoulos
"How to be an outlier: The path from PhD to Industry to VC"

11/17/2011 - Mary Etta Eaton and Dana Steidtmann
"Leadership Mood Management: Emotional Contagion in the Workplace"

10/27/2011 - Don Listwin (Founder & Chairman, Canary Foundation)
"A fireside chat on start-ups"

9/21/2011 - Avi Yaron, PhD (Founder & CTO of Visionsense)
"Turning an invention into a business, managing through financial, technological and HR challenges"

8/31/2011 - Peter Reiss, PhD (Director of SIE and PRIE at Stanford)
"Bridging Science and Business"

7/20/2011 - Greg McKeown (CEO of THIS)
"Management Design: The birth of intelligent organizations and the decline of rigid hierarchy"

6/15/2011 - Ilya Fushman (Khosla Ventures) & Andrew Chung (LightSpeed Venture Partners)
"Demystifying Venture Capital"

5/12/2011 - Konstantin Guericke (Co-Founder of LinkedIn)
"Relationships Matter"

4/27/2011 - Steve Fodor, PhD (Founder of Affymetrix)
"From Science to Industry: The story of the microarray"

3/30/2011 - Tim Draper (Founder and Managing Director of Draper-Fisher-Jurvetson)
"What Tim looks for in entrepreneurs"

3/16/2011 - Chris Contag, PhD, and Pamela Contag, PhD (Co-Founders of Xenogen)
"From Postdocs to Innovators"

2/9/2011 - Kevin Lawton (Co-author, "The Crowdfunding Revolution")
"Seminar on Crowdfunding"

12/8/2010 - Salman Ullah, PhD (Co-founder of Merus Capital)
"Re-Inventing Yourself: from Academia to Industry"

11/11/2010 - Faysal Sohail (Managing Director of CMEA Capital)
"Demystifying Venture Capital"

10/20/2010 - Steven Kirsch (CEO of Abaca and Kirsch foundation)
"Thinking Outside the Box"

9/30/2010 - Steven Sundberg, PhD (Biochip and Microfluidics Consulting)
"Introduction to Start-Ups"

Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) Series

10/31/2014 - Joshua Robinson, PhD (Director of R&D at Nirmidas Biotech Inc.) - "Spinning out a Startup from Stanford: The first 100 Days" (BBL)

7/23/2013 - Hemai Parthasarathy, PhD (Scientific Director of Breakout Labs).

6/5/2013 - Kevin (SeedChange).

11/12/2012 - Sam Mazin
Opportunities and Challenges in Starting a Medical Device Company: a Personal Experience

9/28/2012 - Matt Clements
From the bench to the bar: Legal careers for scientists and engineers

8/23/2012 - Omri Amirav-Drory, PhD
How a postdoc like you founded and funded Genome Compiler?

10/25/2012 - Kirsten Leute, Senior Licensing Associate at the Stanford Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
"Startups and Technology Licensing at Stanford: what you must know"

7/27/2012 - Warren Hogarth
Informal Chat with Sequoia PhD Partner "What's your startup idea?"

6/8/2012 - Ioulia Kachirskaia (postdoc Innovation Fellow)
"Innovation Fellowship @ GSB"

5/23/2012 - Gloria Lin
"Immigration considerations for J-1 postdocs who are interested in industry & entrepreneurship"

4/3/2012 - Jake Klamka, Founder, Insight Data Science Fellows Program

1/30/2012 - Dr. Elizabeth Iorns (Co-founder, Science Exchange)

12/15/2011 - Dr. Mambidzeni Madzivire, PhD / MBA
"Moving over to the dark side: Insights from my Stanford MBA experience"

12/8/2011 - Omri Amirav-Drory, PhD
If I can do it, so can you! How a Stanford postdoc founded and funded a company

10/19/2011 - Sulaiman Ijaz (former McKinsey EM)
"Case-style Interview seminar - Leadership, Communication & Analytics"

10/19/2011 - Info session about Winter 2012 Design Courses
"Learn about Winter 2012 Design Courses ( - Extreme Affordability, Design for Service Innovation, BioDesign Innovations"

10/14/2011 - Antonio Hyder (CEO of Hydermarketing, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Toulouse Business School)
"Transferring scientific research to the market. Examples from the European Union"

7/6/2011 - Randy Lubin, Nick Staubach, Robert Denning from Stanford Graduate School of Business
"What The Technological Singularity Means for Entrepreneurship: Why We'll Either Live Forever or be Killed by Robots"


4/9/2014 - Triple Ring Technologies

6/26/2013 - Startup tour (Genophen)


5/29/2012, 5-7 PM, AIMS and GSB E-Club Mixer & Idea Exchange

This is a mixer around entrepreneurship and startups to facilitate sharing and relationship building between the two groups.

8/24/2012, 7:30 - 9 PM, AIMS Social Mixer with INSEAD, at Stanford COHO