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A.I.M.S. Brown Bag Lunch Seminar
[Friday, June 8, 2012, 12:00-1:00 PM]

Speaker: Ioulia Kachirskaia (postdoc Innovation Fellow)

Innovation Fellowship at the GSB: Unique Opportunity for Graduating MBAs, Sloans, PhDs, MDs

Spend a year working in a multidisciplinary team at Stanford Universty Graduate School of Business mentoring and coaching student teams working on new startup ideas.

About the Fellowship

We are assembling a team of four fellows. The team will work together to redesign and launch StratMgm356/366 . the Startup Course. The team will work closely with the faculty director, Professor Stefanos Zenios, to redesign all elements of the course. Then every fellow will work closely with 6-7 student teams over a period of 5 months to help them assemble a viable new service and product, test it, and develop an effective investment pitch. The fellow will guide the teams through the innovation process, help make connections with our vast network of mentors and alums, and guide teams to success.

Team Based: Multidisciplinary teams of four professionals with advanced degrees in engineering, business, science or medicine collaborate in a process involving observation, need finding, empathy, user testing, business planning, and commercialization strategy development. The fellows lead student teams throughout the process.

User-Focused, Solution-Driven: Teams invent new services or prodcuts that address a critical need of a group of users identified through extensive field observations.

Schedule: All of the fellows complete a 12-16 month program, stipend supported. The program begins July 1, 2012 and ends Aug 31, 2013.

Faculty & Mentors: The new initiative will be led by Professor Zenios at the Graduate School of Business. The team will be mentored by silicon valley experts in design, business planning, fundraising, user testing.

Characteristics: Desirable fellow characteristics include demonstrated leadership potential, evidence of innovation within any filed, strong domain expertise in engineering, science, medicine, psychology or business, the ability to work in a team, and strong background in entrepreneurship, product design or design thinking.

Stipend: All fellows are paid a competitive monthly stipend; health benefits are provided.

Candidates & Eligibility: Applicants with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, psychology, medicine, biosciences, or business /technology are encouraged to apply. Masters, or Doctorate degrees preferred. This can be an ideal position for recent (or about to graduate) MBAs/Sloans/PhDs/MDs who are interested to launch their own business in the future.

Selection: If you are interested please send an email explaining your interest in the fellowship and your resume to Mandy Ferrero by June 15, 2012. Make sure that the subject of the email states: Application for Innovation Fellowship for "Enter your Name".